Baby Yoda Fan Art Round Up — Mr Jake Parker


One thing I love about Star Wars is that wrapped up in the DNA most of its films and TV shows is the inclusion of a “cute” character. They are as essential to making Star Wars what it is as is the hero and the villain. Their purpose is to offset the evil acts of darkness committed by the bad guys, a


  1. Posted by haleylueflores, — Reply

    Nuuuu This is making me more jealous that I haven't watched the movie yeeeeettt ;-;

  2. Posted by hannahfmca, — Reply

    I love the eyes. Whoever drew this did a really good job

  3. Posted by jacksonr40500, — Reply

    same this needs likes and a follow

  4. Posted by spaxthepup, — Reply

    Im finna cry

  5. Posted by lockwoodbarr, — Reply

    Spin drop kick smash

  6. Posted by helenaseelig, — Reply

    aww look so cute

  7. Posted by ysabellevillate, — Reply

    So cuteeeee

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