Animals Trying Things For The First Time (15 Pics & Memes)


Animals Trying Things For The First Time (15 Pics & Memes) - World's largest collection of cat memes and other animals


  1. Posted by shadowcat0123, — Reply

    Guinea pigs can have lemons. BUT ONLY ONE TO TWO TIMES A MONTH!!! They can be bad if given too often, but other than that it’s ok for them to eat.

  2. Posted by bibbabookgirl, — Reply

    Me: AHAhahaha.......T-T I miss my guinea pig. She died 2 months ago at 6 years and this just reminded me of the funny sweet things she used to do. Sorry for bothering you imma going away now...

  3. Posted by Ambivertt30, — Reply

    Uh, no offense. But I think that’s too much lemon. Lemon and stuff that has citrus in it can cause mouth sores to guinea pigs. It’s fairly painful for them. Also, humans don’t like it when they have burning acids in their stomach, guinea pigs feel the same. Give lemon to them as rare as possible. Small portions.

  4. Posted by Nat1l3, — Reply

    I thought the guinea pig was just the white part and was like ‘ no wonder it’s weird half its brain is squished’ T-T I feel sooooo stupid lol.

  5. Posted by 0xxKTxx0, — Reply

    By the way just passing this pic on so it’s not mine, I actually would never give my hamster lemon as I know it is harmful if given often but I thought the facial expression was to funny so I decided to share it, thx for the feedback ❤️

  6. Posted by alijohann, — Reply

    ...why do people do this? Why are you giving your pets chunks of lemons? I've seen people do this to dogs, rabbits, chinchillas, I dont get it. You dont like lemons, they're sour, you know your pet isn't going to like it because its sour - why are you giving him/her a piece of lemon?!?!

  7. Posted by missie1379, — Reply

    I would advise never to give your guinea pigs lemons because acidic things can cause their digestive system to have issues. Also the build up of the NATURAL sugar of lemon juice can make a guinea pig overweight or have diabetes By the way if something never happened to yours that was probably because of the small quantity you gave him/her or because you were just lucky

  8. Posted by sokolenkos, — Reply

    Out of all the foods Guinea pigs eat this fool feeds their little pet Lemon. Really, you couldn't give it anything else.

  9. Posted by abigailannon, — Reply

    The only type of citrus that is safe for Guinea pigs are mandarin oranges. Please don't try this. Citrus is bad for them.

  10. Posted by futasdulzes494, — Reply

    No le den de comer eso que se enferman, su estomaguito no esta diseñado para recibir acídos :'c

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